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Glamping in Cornwall

Have a glamping holiday to remember at Woodview Campsite

Glamping in Cornwall

It's been quite a year, and booking a well deserved holiday seems like just the ticket, but why choose glamping? Here are 3 good reasons why glamping might be perfect for your next family holiday.

It's camping, but not!

Glamping in Cornwall

You know all the great things about camping? Space and freedom for the kids to run wild, dining al fresco on balmy evenings, cosying up together as a family, gazing up at the starry night sky... Well glamping has all those things but without the mud and stiff back!

The cabins at Woodview have porches where you can sip a glass of wine whilst the BBQ gets going and they're the perfect place to leave muddy boots and sandy swimwear. If it's been a long day and you just need to get something quick and filling into the kids, you have a microwave. When it's finally time to collapse into bed, you have a mattress and duvet instead of a sleeping bag and you can wake up in the morning to a hot cup of coffee. Bliss! You're getting back to nature, but in your way.

It's eco friendly

Glamping in Cornwall

Glamping has a very low carbon footprint. The construction of our cabins have very little impact on the environment around them, unlike luxury hotels. Now I'm not saying our cabins are luxurious, but your get some of the benefits of a hotel with none of the guilt. The wild stays wild and you can feel good that you’re not destroying the natural world around you while you get to enjoy the true benefits of ecotourism.

It's affordable

Glamping in Cornwall

Possibly most importantly, glamping is a really affordable way to have a truly relaxing and enjoyable family holiday. Taking a whole family abroad gets very expensive, glamping at Woodview offers you a viable alternative, and with less travel time and cost. You can spend all day on one of our nearby beaches and come home to a warm, dry cabin.

So if you're family is staycationing this year and hotel are too expensive but you're just not into camping, why not come and stay with us at Woodview Campsite in one of our stylish cabins.

To see prices and availability please click here

We hope to welcome you to Woodview soon.

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